All Cincinnati Hills SAY Soccer referees are required to be certified every year.

All certifications (new and returning referees) will involve three key elements; on-line course training, classroom training and on-field training. 

You MUST register first on this site (please see Referee Registration) and then at the League (links and instructions are included within the TPRC Referee Registration).

a) On-line training will cover the following topics

  • Laws of the game
  • Signals

League policies and requirements

b) Classroom sessions will cover the following topics:

  • Points-of-emphasis (League policies, game management, etc.)
  • Pre-game procedures
  • Game management
  • Core focus areas - off-sides, handling, foul recognition, etc.
  • Parent and team management
  • Referee on-line account training (within our new league sites)

c) On-field training will cover the following topics:

  • Field positioning
  • Field safety

For planning purposes, the 2017 class certification dates, times and locations are as follows:

Referee Courses (taught by Pat Kerrigan)

Returning refs that attended the '17 spring ref courses and took the test for this past '17 spring season and received a 70 or better score...those refs just need to attend one of the following dates below:


Thursday July 27th    6pm-7:30pm  Madeira Middle School   6612 Miami Ave 

Sunday August 13th  1pm-2:30pm  Madeira Middle School   6612 Miami Ave

Sunday August 20th  12pm-1:30pm  Madeira Middle School   6612 Miami Ave


Refs that received a test score of 69 or less this past '17 spring season, New refs and/or any refs that need their yearly certification renewed must attend either option #1 or option #2 courses below: 


Option #1

Wednesday July 26th  6pm-9pm   Madeira Middle School   6612 Miami Ave

Thursday     July 27th  6pm-9pm   (Test will be administered at 7:30pm)


Option #2

Saturday August 19th  9am-12pm  Madeira Middle School   6612 Miami Ave

Sunday August 20th    12pm-3pm  (Test will be administered at 1:30pm)


All new and returning refs must register for the '17 fall season on the CHSS website.

Once again, all attending refs will receive a rule book if they didn't get one this past spring season.

Refs will also receive their patch when they attend the courses.